Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  2xB 808f96d8c5 Keep current application state in URL hash 9 months ago
  2xB 4da6eab21e Fix single date selection 1 year ago
  2xB 69055f4b16 Background to make it obvious that this is the archive 1 year ago
  2xB 7eebcc2e85 Hide iframes without using comments 2 years ago
  2xB 0e83f891a8 Hide iframes since they aren't archived 2 years ago
  2xB c2f506a86e Fix range_to not enabled when selecting date in "Date" mode 2 years ago
  2xB 35aa7a57db Automatically build HTML DOM via JS 2 years ago
  2xB 83314ff5c8 Added parsing hash parameters "from", "length", "to" 2 years ago
  2xB 6e9bfcf22a Improve indentation 2 years ago
  2xB 37025dfa91 Grey out old status monitor 2 years ago
  2xB 137c472ba7 Shout a bit less. 2 years ago
  2xB 6e1de5a76b Show default text when no entry is selected 2 years ago
  2xB 5247e87f21 Re-add allow list 2 years ago
  2xB 4df15aee81 Update htpasswd file location 2 years ago
  2xB a2c7049f09 Test require auth 2 years ago
  Jan Behrens 9897cc558b Change HTTP port to 80. 2 years ago
  2xB 8bc2de6f4a Log to /tmp, revert last commit 2 years ago
  2xB 474c62a670 Testing: Get user information 2 years ago
  2xB 5b17244f63 Fix auth not being required 2 years ago
  2xB ebdaad05f6 Updated httpd config 2 years ago
  2xB c4eb7c0e50 Docker: Use www-data instead of a new user for httpd 2 years ago
  2xB 6fab915fad Added 2 years ago
  2xB bab8808be7 Added Dockerfile and docker-compose.yml 2 years ago
  2xB ac6006c8b7 Add default httpd config 2 years ago
  2xB c1651caf03 Fix too many versions loaded 2 years ago
  2xB af1a25fb15 Fix link to data repo for old monitor 2 years ago
  2xB 2facdcf528 Add old monitor archive and index page 2 years ago
  2xB ebf8099c53 Initial commit: Working status monitor archive 2 years ago