Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Thomas Thümmler d563e786c4 added "offline" color for K35 K65 temperature monitoring 3 weeks ago
  Thomas Thümmler 9e65eadced K65 display re-activated 1 month ago
  Thomas Thümmler 7d46b24715 K65 now hidden 1 month ago
  Thomas Thümmler cddbc09dea no change 1 month ago
  Thomas Thümmler ef734a4baf egun switch display from permanent to only during HV mode 2 months ago
  Thomas Thümmler 4c92efabf6 minor change 3 months ago
  Thomas Thümmler f2f1dd7ae0 disabled elog command 3 months ago
  Thomas Thümmler 92b5e71bbd added code fore log submission, still testing 3 months ago
  Thomas Thümmler ba1bed8852 trigger restart, noch change 3 months ago
  Thomas Thümmler d51e0b1232 restart 3 months ago
  Jan Behrens 88f73ab0f9 Merge branch 'jbehrens/patchpanel-relations' 4 months ago
  Thomas Thümmler 78fa5d18da changes K35 temperature channel from 134 to 135, temporarily 4 months ago
  Jan Behrens 1bebf2f09d add some transitions 4 months ago
  Jan Behrens ca3627602c Fix patchpabel 4 months ago
  Jan Behrens 9d91de2280 Patchpanel styling 4 months ago
  Jan Behrens db42cdd825 Add back-link to patchpanel page 4 months ago
  Jan Behrens bd27ed5057 fixes + tuning, add author field 5 months ago
  Jan Behrens cdb76d389e remove sleeps 5 months ago
  Jan Behrens 5645b9ddc1 make php scripts single-shot 5 months ago
  Jan Behrens 245695bc2e Cleanup 5 months ago
  Jan Behrens 61a0e0f148 Bugfixes for patchpanel <-> KDB 5 months ago
  Jan Behrens 259b68bd7c add KDB checkbox, new validity/author fields 5 months ago
  Jan Behrens ef8d8915f2 Update KDB relations via new JSON API 5 months ago
  Thomas Thümmler 208357fbdf included automatic switching for K65 K35 and HV source 5 months ago
  Thomas Thümmler 81ed7cc5bb restart 5 months ago
  Thomas Thümmler b9ff81e7ed mod for 40KV power supply in lines 822 and 823 5 months ago
  Thomas Thümmler d4863bb411 temporary switch to K65 monitoring in 40kV mode 6 months ago
  Thomas Thümmler e7921e19af no change, just restart 6 months ago
  Thomas Thümmler 1b03cd92b0 updated HV switch pic 7 months ago
  Thomas Thümmler 1da16c6f4c Updated K65 scale factor (using 4000:1 output) 7 months ago