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The Do's and Don'ts of Business Travel Booking: Best Practices for Corporate Travelers

While making business travel policies, enterprises focus extensively on optimizing business travel booking. Many organizations ensure policy compliance and control costs by centralizing the crucial step in business travel management.

Also, many companies enable employees to book their choice of business travel products by implementing a corporate booking tool. However, corporate travelers have bad business travel experience and safety by booking due to wrong travel bookings.

Likewise, they increase the average cost of business trips by booking out-of-policy travel solutions. Smarter corporate travelers like you can book the right travel product by adopting a slew of best practices. Also, they remain stress-free and safe during business trips by focusing on the do’s and don’ts of business travel booking.

5 Do’s of Business Travel Booking

  1. Book Business Trips Early

Employees often start business travel booking after meeting their professional obligations. Hence, most employees book business trips at the last minute. When you do not book business trips early, it becomes difficult to book the desired seat on a flight or the preferred room in a hotel.

Hence, you can remain stress-free during business trips only by completing business travel booking early. Also, the early-booking will help you save money by booking flights, accommodations, and other expensive travel products at lower rates.

  1. Prefer Direct Flights

The corporate booking tool implemented by your organization enables you to access an extensive travel inventory. You can use the software to compare many airlines according to your business travel destination. Also, you have the option to book either direct flights or connecting flights.

You should remember that an increase in airtime often makes passengers experience stress and anxiety. Hence, you can make business travel less stressful by booking direct flights. Meanwhile, you can mitigate common business travel risks like flight delays and flight cancellations by booking direct flights.

  1. Consider Alternative Accommodations

You can use the corporate booking tool to choose from a wide range of accommodations. You can stay comfortable and safe during business trips by opting for hotels. Also, you can book hotels that provide your preferred facilities and amenities.

At the same time, you can let your employees experience the local culture and interact with local people by choosing alternative accommodations like homestays, Air BnBs, etc. Many employees these days make their business trips more exciting by booking homestays. Hence, you should consider alternative accommodations while making business travel arrangements.

  1. Consult Corporate Travel Consultants

Many organizations these days centralize business travel booking using travel management companies (TMCs). The TMC helps employees plan business trips and make business travel arrangements by providing information and support.

Before booking business travel, you must not forget to consult with the travel consultants deployed by the travel management company. The consultation will help you choose and book the right travel products. Also, you can leverage the information shared by the travel consultant to mitigate several business travel risks.

  1. Focus on Reducing Carbon Footprint

Organizations these days understand the negative impact of business travel on the environment. They focus on making business travel sustainable by reducing carbon footprints. You can impress your employer by reducing your carbon footprint at the time of business travel booking.

You can easily reduce your carbon footprint by choosing low-emission airlines and eco-hotels. Likewise, you can opt for shared rides or use public transportation instead of car rentals to make business trips sustainable. However, you need to ensure that your sustainable travel choices do not impact your business travel experience and safety.

5 Don’ts of Business Travel Booking

  1. Don’t Violate T&E Policies

Employers make it easier for employees to book business trips by defining and communicating travel and expense (T&E). Also, the finance team does not reimburse any out-of-policy travel expenses incurred by employees.

You can refer to the T&E policy to understand what travel products you can book and what you should avoid. The policy compliance will help you get business travel expenses reimbursed quickly and smoothly after the business trip.

  1. Don’t Ignore Ground Transportation

While engaging in domestic business travel, employees have the option to choose from air travel and ground transportation. They often experience stress by opting for air travel due to long check-in queues. Smarter employees save time and avoid stress by traveling by train or booking a car rental when they are not required to travel long distances.

  1. Don’t Ignore Flight Information Alerts

Business travelers often experience stress due to a lack of options to know real-time flight status. Likewise, they have to change business travel itineraries due to flight schedule changes or flight cancellations at the last minute.

Airlines keep passengers informed by sending flight info alerts in the form of push notifications. Hence, you can know the real-time flight status effortlessly by allowing airlines to send alerts at the time of business travel booking.

  1. Don’t Violate Your Business Travel Budget

Often corporate travelers forget to make business travel budgets in advance. Hence, they spend more money and find it challenging to meet other business travel expenses. You can control business travel booking costs by making a realistic travel budget. Also, you should explore ways to save more money on business travel booking.

  1. Don’t Forget to Choose Healthy In-Flight Meals

While booking a flight, you have the option to pre-book in-flight meals and refreshments. You should remember that many passengers consider in-flight meals unhealthy. There are always chances that you may not remain active and energized after air travel by eating unhealthy foods. Hence, you should spend some time choosing healthy plane food options provided by the airline.


Employers these days boost business travel experience and safety by supporting self-travel booking. They create opportunities for employees to book their choice of business travel products without organizational travel policies.

But employees often experience stress and escalate average business trip costs by booking the wrong business travel products. You should consider these do's and don’ts of business travel booking to engage in business travel confidently and safely.