On Automation: What Are The Benefits Of Quality Assistance?
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A new ambitious project is currently underway at OnAutomation. We've developed our personal Academy A virtual space to provide all our customers, fitters, technicians and maintenance engineers the opportunity to improve their skills and knowledge as well as acquire practical and technical knowledge about our products. It is a helpful, simple way to stay in touch with our partners and supporters. How does the OnAutomation Academy operate?

We've selected Teachable as our Teachable website, which allows users can sign up (after confirmation by our staff) to attend refresher courses regarding our main products, which include explanations, videos and downloadable documents.

Everything is free of charge and managed on-demand, so users can choose the best time for training, with no constraints or obligations. It is possible to begin studying the product, take a break and finish whenever you are able to grasp the concepts. After each course, you will be required to take an easy test, following which you will be awarded an award. Why attend the courses provided by OnAutomation Academy?

Taking part during our classes brings numerous benefits.

You'll be more aware of what OnAutomate family you are joining. Our company is much more than just a supplier and we aim to greet clients and fitting staff as if we were all part of the same group. Our goal is to operate under the most optimal conditions to achieve customer satisfaction.

Knowing more about technologically advanced products such as those provided by OnAutomation helps to speed up and more efficient installation. It also gives you a complete understanding of the possibilities of using the products.

Finally, by attending your course, passing the examination and obtaining your certificate, you'll get an offer when you purchase the product you learned about during the course. Which are the Academy's initial courses?

The classes with a class dedicated to the all-new Crono 1500, a motor for sliding gates up to 1500 kg. Following that is a class on the brand new Rea Motor for Swing Gates and one dedicated to the newly developed Max24V Motor for sliding gates. The three motors are upgraded versions of the highly successful OnAutomation products whose efficiency and performance have been enhanced thanks to the two new 230V electric power packs, one to power sliding gates (CUSL) and one to swing gates (CUSW).

When you sign up for the OnAutomation Academy you will have the opportunity to be constantly informed about the latest products, as well as be highly efficient when installing the products.