What Should You Must Know About Petc?
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PETC is a term used in the aviation industry for "Pet in the Cabin" Max Size and Weight to allow Dogs to fly in Cabin (PETC)

As a rule of thumb, these are the limits for the confinement of a Pet In Cabin

  • Maximum size: 40 x 25 x 23 cm (length x width x height).

  • Maximum weight: 8 kg (pet + transport bag).

Pets who travel in the cabin should be able stand, turn around, and lie down comfortably in the bag/carrier. If these requirements are not satisfied, airlines have the right to deny your pet the privilege of traveling.

It is important to note that these are average values which vary slightly from airline to airline.

If you'd like to read the lengthy and frightening information about Dog Containers, PETC on Dog Containers please see here (don't say later we haven't been warned) Are airlines enforcing PETC (Pet in Cabin) rules strictly?

Concerning vaccinations, particularly against rabies, neither airlines nor the destination countries take it lightly. But, we frequently hear that dog owners can remove their dogs from the confines of their crate or box provided that the cabin crew approves. However, this isn't the case. Does it seem cruel to let the dog fly through the cargo hold?

If you ask pet owners whether they have been flying with their dogs before, they usually say no. If you inquire why they don't know, you will often get the response. "Our dog is not allowed to be in the cabin and we're worried that it will make it through the flight without us, in the cargo area of the plane."

The problem is so prevalent that travelers even drive miles in their cars to avoid the dog being a danger to the cargo area. Does it really matter? Many factors are involved in this that it's hard to provide a definitive answer.

Checklist if the dog is fit enough to fly into the Cargo hold Do you think it's the first time your dog to fly alone?

Do you have a dog that is anxious, and how does he respond to odd sounds?

Are you dog's owners comfortable in its crate for hours?

Is he adjusted to it?

  • Can the dog generally be left to itself?

How do airlines deal with the dogs?

  • Do the airlines have good reputation for handling dogs during cargo? Do you have multiple animals in your cargo space at once or just one dog alone?

Have you talked to your vet about your travel plan? Do you think the vet believes your dog is healthy enough to fly with cargo? Positive Aspects for Dog flying Cargo

Cats and dogs often travel better this way because it is quieter, and they will rest in a pressurized and temperature-controlled darkened environment. In the Cabin there are a thousand different smells and sounds, screaming children at the food that is being served and people strolling around. However, it can unsettle a dog.

For more information about general pet travel Pet flight travel you should also refer to the official IATA regulations that apply to all airlines