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Remote analysis check

HTML/php website to handle remote analysis shifts

Content public/:

  • navbar.html: Contains the description of the blue navigation bar.
  • index.php: Start page with shift history.
  • checklist.php: Page containing the checklist.
  • submit.php: Submission page showing the summary.
  • style.css: File defining style for tables, buttons ...
  • recentSQLName.txt: Only contains name of the latest campaign. This initialises a new sql database table when changed.
  • data/mydb.sqlite: This file is local on the server and contains the sql database.

What to update when new campaign starts

Go to the public/ folder:

  • recentSQLName.txt: Change campaign number (auto-initialises new sql table)
  • navbar.html: Add link to latest brew table to the navigation bar in the brew dropdown menu.
  • checklist.php: Just search and replace the name of the previous campaign with the name of the current campaign: KNMxKNMy
  • index.php: Add new campaign to list of campaigns that should be displayed on start page → $Campaigns = ["KNMy", ... , "KNM8", "KNM7", "KNM6"];

What to update when the KATRIN password changes

  • Update salted password in .htpasswd
  • Update kdb acess link/password in checklist.php. Find and edit XXX in kdb link:
    " ...".
    This line pulls the last run number from kdb.

General stuff

The remote template slides can be changed and updated here

You can access/bulid the website on (only works within kit network). To get the password contact Florian Fränkle.

Generally the project is connected to git via a webhook, auto-triggering a build and deployment. If you want to manually build and deploy, see the following steps. To build and deploy the page go into the status project (same level as bora, katrin ...)

  • Build the new page if something is updated. This should happen automatically after every git push. If you need to build it manually, click:
    • Builds/Buildsremote-shiftStart Build
  • Deploy the page manually:
    • ApplicationDeploymentsremote-shiftDeploy
      (This could be changed to some automation method in the future)
  • Wait some minutes ... Done :)

To develop the page locally on your computer, go to the public folder and run:

php -S

then you can access the page in your browser under

What to do if you want to manually change something in the sql database:

Only do this if you are confident in what you are doing. Try the commands in your local build first.

  • Login into open shift: oc login (enter username and password)
  • Go into correct project: oc project status
  • Get a list of the pods: oc get pods
  • Open a shell for the latest pod: oc rsh <PodName>
  • Change dir: cd data
  • Open the sql database manually: sqlite3 mydb.sqlite
  • Congratulations, you have the power. Now you can use sql commands to manually edit the database.

Author: Leonard Köllenberger